Raw Materials and Formulas

Sustainable production cannot be linear, but has to be cyclical. At Werner & Mertz, therefore raw materials and formulations for our products are subject to a detailed analysis:

  • of their origin (preferably from regenerative sources),
  • their properties in the usage phase (minimization of hazard potential) and
  • their fate after use (degradability).

Detailed examination:
Our assessment system for raw materials and formulas.

Our assessment system applies to both the ingredients of a cleaning product and its packaging. We use a defined and documented point system to assess the raw materials and formulations (mixtures of raw materials) in depth. Ecological, eco-toxicological and toxicological criteria also go into the rating of the individual substances and formulations. Based on the total number of points, we categorize our raw materials and their mixtures (formulations) as “good”, “satisfactory” and “adequate." Our goal is to gradually replace ingredients below this (eco-) toxicological quality level with better and more sustainable alternatives.

The raw material and formulation assessment system has already been applied to the entire product range. A similar assessment system developed for packaging components is now in use.

What conclusions can be drawn?

Our assessment process is a working system that is continuously adapted, refined and optimized. It provides important information that helps us to make further improvements to raw materials and formulas. We also obtain indications of where action is required in production areas and which activities in the previous year contributed to achieving our sustainability targets.

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