Renewable Energy

Werner & Mertz is increasing its use of renewable energy. Ninety percent of the electricity generated for use at our Austrian production site in Halle incomes from renewable sources. Werner & Mertz in Mainz now covers about 20 percent of its electricity needs with renewable energy and will increase to 100 percent in 2014.

Since 2010 the new headquarters in Mainz produces more energy than it needs for heating and cooling. The surplus is made possible by wind turbines and solar collectors on the roof and heating and cooling energy from groundwater. In addition, solar power from the roof is fed into two electric Smart cars in the company's fleet. Since 2012 the new headquarters building has been distinguished by the LEED Platinum, the highest international award for sustainable construction.

Making sustainability tangible!
Frosch builds a house.

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Our use of renewable energy is responsible use of natural resources in many respects. For one thing, fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas are limited and for another, their use pollutes the atmosphere. The business activities of Werner & Mertz emit CO2. That's why we get involved in projects like the bog conservation in the Mürmes marshes in the Eifel. Bogs absorb CO2, so bog conservation is also environmental protection.

Bog Conservation in the Mürmes

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Sustainability activities of Werner & Mertz

Sustainability activities of Werner & Mertz are summarized in our Sustainability Report. You'll find the current report here.

High efficiency in renewable resources too

Cyclical systems and renewable resources are further developments connected to our responsible use of raw materials. Here too an energy example makes our progress clear.

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