Resource Efficiency

What effort does it take to reach a goal? Is it possible to achieve the same as before with less energy, material or effort? Because resource consumption is a significant cost factor, efficient use of raw material is becoming more important in business and in homes. Energy-saving tips, the economy flush button on a toilet and the three-liter automobile are all ways to get satisfactory output with minimal resources. This ratio of effort to output or product is referred to as "resource efficiency."

High productivity and low consumption of raw materials: Werner & Mertz has long paid attention to making efficient use of resources.

The environmental protection activities at Werner & Mertz have long been focused on progressively increasing resource efficiency. With explicit saving measures we made significant reductions in electricity and fuel consumption at the Mainz site. From 2004 to 2011, we realized a reduction from 0.253 kWh to 0.147 kWh per kilogram filling amount. Resource efficiency was also greatly increased. Our energy management system certified according to ISO 50001 will support these efforts in the future.

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Sustainability activities of Werner & Mertz

Sustainability activities of Werner & Mertz are summarized in our Sustainability Report. You'll find the current report here.

High efficiency in renewable resources too

Cyclical systems and renewable resources are further developments connected to our responsible use of raw materials. Here too an energy example makes our progress clear.

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