Sustainable use

We take our responsibility for the users of our products very seriously and carefully select the raw materials that go into our production. Beyond the goal of making highly effective products we must ensure that our cleaners are not harmful to users' health. Over the years Werner & Mertz has incorporated an awareness of resource conservation in Production and other areas.

Two parallel developments can be seen in the example of energy consumption. Firstly, it is necessary to save energy as it is a sizable cost factor. Secondly, Werner & Mertz is increasing its use of renewable energy – without neglecting energy-saving efforts.

Systematic environmental management ensures transparency and leads to success.

We monitor energy use with our DIN EN ISO 14001 and EMAS-compliant Environmental Management Systems in Mainz and in Hallein (Austria). The data show us where we have made progress and where we have to do more in resource conservation.


The innovative power of mid-tier family-operated businesses is evident in examples involving renewable raw materials, cyclical systems and continuous improvement in raw material selection and formulas. Still another example is the cross-industry Resource Conservation Alliance (Allianz Ressourcenshonung), which brings together companies like Werner & Mertz that care about responsible handling of raw materials and the essentials for human life.

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The EMAS certification of both Werner & Mertz production sites are evidence of their exemplary ecological orientation.

ISO 14001

The Werner & Mertz production sites are certified as per ISO 14001, an environmental management system that is valid all over the world.

ISO 50001 Energy Management

Our ISO 50001-certified energy-management-systems in Mainz and Hallein help to build on energy-saving successes.

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