(A)live with Sustainability

"A credible eco product can come only from a company that consistently pursues sustainability in everything it does. From a company that re-commits itself every day to ecological awareness, economical foresight and social responsibility.

Nowadays it is certainly technologically possible to develop highly effective products – in our case that means strong cleaning products – that satisfy the highest environmental standards along the entire value chain. We succeed only because we have more than 25 years' experience as a European sustainability pioneer.

We generate trust when sustainability can be found in all company decisions. After all, we believe that more and more consumers want to know under which economic, social and ecological conditions their products are manufactured."

Reinhard Schneider,
Managing Partner of the family-owned and operated Werner & Mertz

In order to promote our sustainability philosophy, publicize our corporate approach, set up cooperative projects and establish contacts, we maintain open channels of communication at all levels. We engage in ongoing dialogues with other companies, environmental protection agencies and other associations, and, for the past 20 years, with consumers via our in-house product consultation services.

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ZEIT WISSEN Award "Encouraging Sustainability"

For exemplary, unfailing engagement in sustainability issues, our company was given the ZEIT WISSEN Award in the category "Action" in March 2016.

Sustainability activities of Werner & Mertz

Sustainability activities of Werner & Mertz are summarized in our Sustainability Report. You'll find the current report here.

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