Deutsche Tafel e.V.

Each year, Werner & Mertz GmbH assists the food-assistance organisation Deutsche Tafel e.V. with extensive donations of products and hygiene training. In 2015, the donation totalled to around 140 pallets of FROSCH cleaning products.

With donations from companies, local food banks can make an important contribution and give disadvantaged people a little financial leeway. The nonprofit helpers do not rely on donations of food alone. Instead, goods for everyday use are also collected and passed along, the way Werner & Mertz does with its trusted FROSCH brand: dishwashing detergents, household cleaners and laundry detergents are in demand.

Werner & Mertz helps: to keep sustainability from being a question of rich and poor.

‘With our donation, we want to give the socially disadvantaged an opportunity to clean their households with sustainable products, too’, Günter Scheinkönig notes of the long-standing commitment by Werner & Mertz. ‘The more companies become involved in assisting the Tafel organisations, the more people can be helped.’

The Tafel organisations in Germany collect quality foodstuffs and goods for everyday use and pass these along to needy people in Germany, either free or for a nominal charge. There are currently around 900 Tafel initiatives in Germany. With around 60,000 volunteer helpers nationwide, the Tafel initiatives provide assistance to some 1.5 million people in need, nearly one-third of them children and adolescents. Germany's Tafel initiatives are nonprofit organisations and are funded mostly by donations.

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