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For more than 10 years Werner & Mertz has voluntarily asked independent environmental auditors to assess the environmental impact of its Mainz and Hallein (Austria) sites for compliance with EMAS guidelines. The European Union's EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) is the world's most demanding system for sustainable environmental management. The auditors' report promotes transparency as it notes both successes and areas requiring improvement. EMAS companies and organizations do their part to promote a sustainable and legally compliant economy. They should therefore be able to take full advantage of the benefits conveyed by EMAS validation.

The European Parliament, however, has ruled against the use of the EMAS logo on products and their packaging even though the EU Commission had drafted an amendment to EMAS regulations which would have allowed use of the logo on products.

Particularly in times of increasing consumer uncertainty, we believe it is necessary to provide the public with better access to information about products and their manufacture. For this reason we have become members of the Wir für EMAS (We for EMAS) initiative and the EMAS Club Europe, both of which work toward raising awareness of EMAS as a symbol of environmentally aware production.

EMAS: Quality seal for sustainable environmental management.

Practical application of real-life experience

That's the central idea behind the EMAS Club Europe. Grouped according to regions, members from EMAS-certified companies and organizations have a pan-European orientation. The EMAS Club Europe supports EMAS and works to expand public awareness in efforts to increase the number of registered sites inside and outside the European Union.

In committees at country and EU levels, club members work at promoting and developing EMAS as an important instrument in sustainable production and a sustainable economy. Werner & Mertz is therefore a member of the EMAS Club Europe.


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The EMAS certification of both Werner & Mertz production sites are evidence of their exemplary ecological orientation.

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