Resource Conservation Alliance

In July 2012 companies like Werner & Mertz joined forced with NABU (German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union) in the Resource Conservation Alliance (Allianz Ressourcenschonung). Together they are working to develop an ecological and social raw-materials policy that will lead to a significant reduction in the consumption of natural resources. The alliance provides examples of good resource conservation strategies in business practices. Interested companies and new members are welcome.

Resource Conservation Alliance:
for ecological and social raw-materials policy.

"Sufficient available and intact natural resources are indispensable for successful business. Renewable and non-renewable raw materials, water, air, soil, space and biodiversity, however, are not only essential to companies and consumers, but are also limited and in short supply. We would need 2.7 Earths if every country in the world conducted business as Germany does today. We are destroying for ourselves and our children the basis required to live in peace and prosperity. The situation will be further exacerbated by growth in the world's population and increasing consumerism in developing countries and emerging economies. . . .

We observe with concern that despite this critical situation, environmental protection issues, business matters and special interests are played off against each other in political debates. . . . We do not believe this to be justified and see instead an urgent need to consider economic and ecological issues together. On the one hand, companies' competitiveness depends on the availability of natural resources and functioning ecological systems. On the other hand, valuable natural spaces can be preserved only if businesses and consumers assume responsibility for the common good."

(From the joint declaration of the Allianz Ressourcenschutz: Preserve resources – secure the future – 2/2013)

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