Award-winning initiative

The Recyclate Initiative at Werner & Mertz is dedicated to achieving more sustainability in waste management and genuine recycling of synthetic materials from the yellow bag recycling system. The initiative follows a closed-loop principle in which plastic packaging is produced without crude oil. Instead, the reusable synthetic materials from the yellow bag recycling system are processed to such high quality that they can even serve as the basis for food-grade packaging. The technical feasibility of this approach, at a high level of quality, has already been proven. Numerous awards, such as the Federal Ecodesign Award, underscore this success.


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German Packaging Award in Gold

For its innovative bottles of 100% HDPE recyclates recovered from the Yellow Bag, Werner & Mertz received the German Packaging Award in the Sustainability category and also in Gold in September 2016.

Federal Ecodesign Award

Our company received the Federal Ecodesign Award in 2014 for its pioneering achievement in the development of sustainable, recyclable packaging.

Cradle to Cradle Innovator Award

Werner & Mertz was the first and only German manufacturer of integrally sustainable cleaning products to receive the highly respected international Cradle to Cradle Products Innovator Award.

Special Prize German Packaging Award

The Recyclate Initiative from Werner & Mertz received the Special Prize 2014 from the German Packaging Institute. Our company also won the "Best Packaging" prize.

ECR Award

Werner & Mertz stands for sustainable packaging systems with resounding success. The ECR Award went to the Recyclate Initiative in 2014.

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