Sustainable Logistics

Transportation pollutes the environment during purchasing and sales processes. It is not possible to prevent the negative impact altogether, but we can reduce it significantly. For that purpose Werner & Mertz has looked very closely at its finished goods logistics and has discovered sustainable improvement opportunities along the entire supply chain.

The focus is on the savings potential of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases. CO2 is primarily responsible for the greenhouse effect and global warming. The analysis of Purchasing, Production and Sales identified reduction steps and ranked them according to their effectiveness. Progress made with sustainability measures is regularly reported and new steps are taken in pursuit of continuous improvement.

In the first phase the Mainz site was thoroughly analyzed and improvement opportunities were identified and implemented. Since then involvement has expanded to Hallein in Austria and sales in Spain and Belgium. The goal is to obtain a complete picture of Werner & Mertz logistics throughout Europe.

Optimized supply chains, energy-efficient vehicles, trained drivers: Werner & Mertz uses all ways to realize sustainable logistics.

Finished Goods Logistics

Finished goods logistics covers everything from receipt of goods in the warehouse to delivery to the customer, including in-house logistics and external logistics services. It takes into account consumables and packaging materials and required energy and heating. Approximately 2800 logistical variants on different routes were worked out for eight transport companies that deliver to 39 cities or countries and country groups. Distinctions were made according to distance, truck class, EURO class, capacity utilization, etc. Warehousing operations at Werner & Mertz were also closely examined.

Service & Logistik earns EMAS Certificate

Werner & Mertz Service & Logistik GmbH (S&L) has joined the ranks of EMAS-certified companies in the Werner & Mertz Group. Through voluntary certification, which is conducted each year by an independent expert, the many environmental activities of Service & Logistik are bundled into a widely recognized high standard. Now the entire company Werner & Mertz at the Mainz site bears the EMAS certificate.


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Everyone benefits when unnecessary transport can be eliminated. Since 1995 our major supplier for plastic packaging has produced its goods right on our premises and has reduced about 570 tons of carbon emissions per year.


The EMAS certification of both Werner & Mertz production sites are evidence of their exemplary ecological orientation.

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