We're for Recyclates

Genuine recycling can be achieved only when we put packaging from the Yellow Bag into a closed production loop. The campaign "We're for Recyclates" promotes the Recyclate Initiative which pursues exactly that goal.

Partners for genuine recycling

The Internet site for the campaign "We're for Recyclates" vividly shows how effective recycling works and how important it is in the creation of a sustainable material cycle. The initiative follows the maxims of conserving resources, protecting the environment and making sustainability economically successful.

In personal statements the partners confirm their engagement and invite all interested companies to join them.

With the establishment of the Recyclate Initiative in 2012, partners came together to bundle their know-how with the goal of re-using old plastic material from the previously untapped source, the Yellow Bag collection system, in the production of high-quality packaging. The partners are FROSCH, the trusted brand of Erdal-Rex GmbH in Mainz, a subsidiary of Werner & Mertz GmbH; the REWE Group; Green Dot; Unisensor Sensorsysteme GmbH; the packaging manufacturer ALPLA Werke Alwin Lehner GmbH & Co KG; and NABU e.V.

Reinhard Schneider, CEO of Werner & Mertz and initiator of the Recyclate Initiative, set up the development from the beginning as an "Open Innovation" project. Everyone can – and should – participate in order to advance this smart investment in the future beyond the boundaries of one's own industry.

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