Crystal clear - protect our waters!

Werner & Mertz has featured the frog in its logo for more than 100 years. It is only natural, therefore, that we are committed to protecting the elixir of life for our green amphibian. Protection of our waters was the decisive argument for bringing Frosch, an environmentally friendly household cleaner, to the market in 1986.

We remember the times very well! In the mid-1980s the news was filled with foaming streams and rivers, seals dying in the North Sea and the chemical accident that seriously damaged the Rhine way past Basel. These events and other disasters intensified public awareness of the need for clean water.

Our products and our production facilities are aimed at protecting and preserving the beauty of the Rhine and other rivers for years to come.

From environmentally friendly product formulations, modern water processing and sustainable waste water treatment to environmental protection of natural habitats in wetlands, Werner & Mertz has the crystal clear priority of protecting our waters.

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