A Tradition of Sustainability

Sustainability at Werner & Mertz is part of our tradition. A sense for economical sustainability is generally present in family-owned operations. Company values and culture are maintained so that they can be passed down to the next generations. Since 2000 Werner & Mertz has been managed by CEO Reinhard Schneider, a direct descendant of the company founder from Mainz.

We expressed our ecological concerns at the latest in 1986 when we launched the Frosch brand on the way to more naturalness, raw material conservation and environmental compatibility. Since then we have made great progress every year, as evidenced by our milestones in environmental protection.

The three sustainability pillars at Werner & Mertz are:
economy, ecology and social issues.

Werner & Mertz assumes social responsibility in many different ways – with user-friendly and environmentally sound products, with collaboration in environmental protection projects, with numerous offers for our employees in workplace health promotion and vocational and advanced training.

Our employees have an average of 16 years of service at Werner & Mertz and some families have been a part of the company over three or four generations. These facts and figures tell the story of the good working relationships in our company.

Our Sustainability Report provides insight into our understanding of the three pillars of sustainability. We look forward to a discussion with you about the activities we describe here.

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Sustainability activities of Werner & Mertz

Sustainability activities of Werner & Mertz are summarized in our Sustainability Report. You'll find the current report here.

(A)live with Sustainability

The family-owned and operated Werner & Mertz stands for economic foresight, social responsibility and resource conservation. We remain true to these values and pass them along to future generations.

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Awarded the German
Sustainability Prize