Sustainability in focus

Over the years the sustainability activities of Werner & Mertz have been concentrated on several key areas. To provide a clearer overview, the Sustainability Reports issued since 2010 have included a section on sustainability focus in which our key topics are listed along with updates.

This new section is in keeping with our view of sustainability. That is, we pay attention to many different areas over the long term and stay on the ball even when the focus shifts.

Changing topics in sustainability focus:
Here, the Frosch Recyclate-Initiative.

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Sustainability Focus 2013

In 2012/2013 we focused on the Frosch Initiative. With this corporate-wide initiative, Werner & Mertz is preparing the way for ground-breaking and sustainable solutions.

Sustainability Focus 2010

The transportation of goods pollutes the environment. Since 2010 Werner & Mertz has been diligently working to reduce the environmental impact of finished goods logistics as much as possible and to increase environmental protection.

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